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[Comics] The Adventures of Nala and Firefang

This project was a dream come true where I collaborate with my then 12 year old daughter. I came up with the concept/story. While I let her design two main characters, a cat with hijab called ‘Nala’ and her Dragon ‘Firefang’. The story was part of a compilation of several young and aspiring muslim comic

[E-learning] Cranfield University Online learning look redesign

These Online learning moduler were run and administered by The Operation Excellence Institute. The module is build on Powerpoint and converted to online learning modules using a very early Articulate Studio. The new module should have the new look and feel of the university’s new branding , although still done in PowerPoint with Articulate Studio

[Graphic Design] Book Covers Design for Mozaik Indie Publishing

There was a period of time where I received steady orders from Ihwan Hariyanto and his ‘Mozaik Indie Publisher’ in Malang, Indonesia. So I tought of putting them in one post. Most covers are laid out in Adobe Photoshop with Illustrations done manually and then coloured using Adobe Photoshop. Some of these covers didn’t make