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[Comics]Cut Meutia – Mutiara Lembah Utara

Story, Lettering and colouring by my. Line art by Rizki Goni – Tjoet Nja Meuthia also known as Tjut Meutia (or Cut Meutia – ‘choot’ in english pronunciation), was an Indonesian national heroine. She was born in Aceh in the year 1870, three years later in 1873 the Dutch forces of 3000 strong men came

[Comics] Palestina – Persaudaraan dan Kemanusiaan

Title: Indonesia dan Palestina (15 Pages) Story and Art by Me, drawn using Clip Studio Paint EX Compilation – Palestina: Persaudaraan dan Kemanusiaan (Palestine: Brotherhood and Humanity) Published by Ihsan Media Comics, Indonesia, 2021 (Full Colour, 76 pages, 5 comic artists) Some of the Royalti and profit of this comic book are donate to TK

[Comics] The Adventures of Nala and Firefang

This project was a dream come true where I collaborate with my then 12 year old daughter. I came up with the concept/story. While I let her design two main characters, a cat with hijab called ‘Nala’ and her Dragon ‘Firefang’. The story was part of a compilation of several young and aspiring muslim comic

[Graphic Design] Liqomik 2 – Kompilasi Kisah Teladan

Liqomik 2: Kompilasi Kisah Teladan Liqomik is a indie comic group in Indonesia mainly focusing on independent publishing of Islamic content comics in Indonesia. Their members are active on Facebook and Instagram, while some members publish their own titles. My main task was to edit, layout the cover and the book content. Additional task include

[Comics] I Get It !

I get it! Is a comic series made for C’nS English Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s main aim is to explain English Idioms to Indonesian English Learners.It ran for about two years through 16 editions.   Later the comics for published online only at One of the comic strip title ‘Ghosted’ is used by MYP

[Comics] Papomics: Cerita Para Ayah Dalam Komik

Papomics is a comic compilation which gathers stories from fathers about their life and their children. The compilation is published by Anak Kita and later can be bought online in digital format from Google Play . The comics consist of comics from Haris Nurfadhillah, Harry Martawijaya and Oyasujiwo and Me I made a Facebook Fan