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[Storyline] How to quickly replace an asset

‘Apply changes to all slides’ – a small comment but has large implication especially on later stage of the build. The look and feel is better signed off before even we start building so that we can save time to build. Articulate Storyline 360 Media Library is a neat feature where you can replace assets

[Storyline] Creating a Custom Progress Bar in Storyline

In this quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to “quickly” create a custom progress bar in Articulate Storyline 360 and using the inbuild slide numbering variables that comes with Articulate 360 (as per 2020, this is not yet available in Articulate Storyline 3). Preparing the canvas First step is create a new

[Storyline] Building the Choice

Here I am sharing some experience in building a branching scenario e-learning module called The Choice. The Choice is a branching scenario e-learning is part of MTC’s Bribery and Corruption Training suite that I created as a part of the Cursim/Omniplex team. The Choice is build using Articulate Storyline 360. Inspirations First, I researched some

The Alarm

This is a small internal e-learning module I did for fun at the office. The highlight of this module is the opening video which I shot with my Samsung A50 camera and edited/put together using Freevideoeditor by VideoSoftdev. The additional text was done in Articulate Storyline 360, additional artwork was done Adobe Photoshop and drawn

[Storyline] Custom Menu Interaction

Inspired by a html ‘grid like’ menu, I used the excerpt content from the World Health Organisation about Myths surrounding the Corona Virus outbreak that is currently a hot topic affecting the whole world. I moved away from WHO original look and feel by giving it a more ‘corporate’ feel with photographs- I used images

[Storyline] Interactive Table

This table is purely built in Storyline using, triggers and variables. The build is based on Excel Spreadsheet that has formulas in it, where client want to use this to introduce a new system where employees can calculate how much food to prepare for and order. Formulas are not a build-in feature in Articulate Storyline

[Storyline] (Not) a Click to Reveal Interaction

Click to reveal is one of the staple interaction in e-learning building/content development today. It involves in clicking on a button and revealing a text or an image. It is something that you can easily do in Articulate Storyline with triggers and or states or layers. Here is another take on the classic click to