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[Graphic Design] Liqomik 2 – Kompilasi Kisah Teladan

Graphic Design

Liqomik 2: Kompilasi Kisah Teladan

Liqomik is a indie comic group in Indonesia mainly focusing on independent publishing of Islamic content comics in Indonesia. Their members are active on Facebook and Instagram, while some members publish their own titles.

My main task was to edit, layout the cover and the book content. Additional task include creating promotion templates for social media such as Instagram and Facebook. I also created teaser videos as part of the promotion.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop. Videos were edited in VSDC Video Editor.


Cover Layout Progression
front an back cover of the comic

The cover illustration was done by Handri Satria, with colouring by Ifansyah.


This includes, Table of contents, Comic headers, numbering and fillers (comics and advertising)

Promotional Materials

Video Teasers

Teaser Trailer made in VSDC Video Editor.
Teaser Trailer made in VSDC Video Editor.

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