Portfolio Muhammad 'Roel' Islam

As the Head of the Creative Department at KIBAR, a prominent Indonesian Muslim organization in the UK, I led diverse creative efforts from 2022 to 2023. Working closely with other departments, I supported various initiatives while overseeing graphic design, social media management, and content creation.

In this role, I had the privilege of contributing to KIBAR’s charitable mission, using creative strategies to raise awareness and promote community events. Through visually engaging social media posts created with tools like Canva, we fostered a sense of belonging and encouraged meaningful interactions.

I ensured our outputs aligned with KIBAR’s vision and resonated with the target audience. Together, we successfully increased brand visibility and played a role in building a strong Indonesian Muslim community in the UK.

I take pride in the impact we made through our creative endeavors at KIBAR, supporting their noble cause while leading a talented team.


I am also responsible for editing videos that are used as reels or featurettes videos on youtube, most videos are edited using Hitfilm express and some are done in Canva.

Flashback of KIBAR Gathering 2023 edited using Hitfilm Express
Testimonials from The main Speaker and the Indonesian Ambassador of the UK – editied using Hitfilm Express

Opening for KIBAR notes

Edited using VSDC and Canva (Vertical Video)
Promo reeel for KIBAR Instagram – edited using Canva (Vertical Video)