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Indonesian Recipes e-book

An interactive PDF recipe book has been created for KIBAR, an Indonesian Muslim organization in the UK. It contains over 30 recipes from Indonesian Muslims across the UK. The book, designed using Canva, targets Muslim families and includes a glossary of ingredients and easy navigation features. Since its release, it has received significant positive feedback, prompting demand for an English translation.

Graphic Design

This recipe book is made for KIBAR, an Indonesian Muslim organization in the UK. The recipes were gathered from Indonesian Muslims around the UK and put together using Canva.

The design of each page is focused on the ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to cook, accompanied by photographs of the final dish from the contributors.

Using the fast image library from Canva, I used outlines of recipe ingredients to fill empty space on the pages. Additionally, there is one image that came from my own digital drawing. The book consists of 71 pages with over 30 recipes, all laid out in Canva.

The target audience is Muslim families, especially those from Indonesia residing in the UK, coinciding with the month of Ramadan.

Overall, I kept the design clean with ample white space while utilizing the image quality provided by the contributors. Some minor touch-ups were done using Canva’s own editing facilities, but there wasn’t much that needed to be added. The use of Canva’s gallery, including Pixabay and other image sites, was instrumental in enhancing the visuals.

I added an Indonesian-English glossary/dictionary of ingredients to assist readers in finding the required ingredients in shops throughout the UK.

This book is an interactive PDF with a table of contents that includes links to each recipe. Within each recipe, there are also links to the glossary and back to the table of contents, ensuring easy navigation.

The recipes are divided into main courses, snacks, and desserts. They are primarily intended for Muslim moms in the UK, with some modifications to suit local preferences.

We have received a great deal of positive feedback from around the world, with the KIBAR website receiving over 1K hits. The popularity of the book has prompted high demand for an English translation.

The complete Recipe Book can be downloaded from KIBAR’s official website