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Month: March 2022

[Comics] Palestina – Persaudaraan dan Kemanusiaan

Title: Indonesia dan Palestina (15 Pages) Story and Art by Me, drawn using Clip Studio Paint EX Compilation – Palestina: Persaudaraan dan Kemanusiaan (Palestine: Brotherhood and Humanity) Published by Ihsan Media Comics, Indonesia, 2021 (Full Colour, 76 pages, 5 comic artists) Some of the Royalti and profit of this comic book are donate to TK

[Comics] The Adventures of Nala and Firefang

This project was a dream come true where I collaborate with my then 12 year old daughter. I came up with the concept/story. While I let her design two main characters, a cat with hijab called ‘Nala’ and her Dragon ‘Firefang’. The story was part of a compilation of several young and aspiring muslim comic